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Headhunt More IT Talents: Your Step-by-Step Guide For Sourcing, Matching, And Recruiting IT Candidates

by Michal Juhas (Author) - 2020
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Attention: Recruiters, TA Specialists, HR Managers, Talent Hunters, IT Managers, Sales Managers, And Recruitment Agencies...
You Are Missing Out On Commission Or Bonuses Because Very Few IT Professionals Respond To Your Messages!

But don't worry! I'll teach you the essential IT terminology and recruitment strategies which seasoned Tech recruiters and IT hiring managers use to headhunt highly-skilled IT talents... so that you can start recruiting IT professionals with confidence, too!

 Read The Letter Below

FROM: Michal Juhas
Subject: How to fill more technical vacancies
Dear fellow talent-hunter,
Would you like to fill in more IT Technology vacancies?
But it's hard to find good software developers these days...
Because they are overwhelmed with opportunities and don't like talking to recruiters, HR specialists, or headhunters.
What's worse, they can quickly notice that a recruiter knows very little (if anything!) about the IT position or the technologies listed in a Job Description. And then they get arrogant or even worse—make fun of recruiters on Reddit!
But if you've never worked in IT before, how can YOU know ANYTHING about IT?
Maybe you bought an IT book... but it's too complicated because it was meant for IT people.
Or maybe you read a few articles on Wikipedia... but got quickly frustrated with all the sophisticated explanations.
Or maybe you invited a colleague from your IT department for a presentation... and you quickly realized that although he knows the stuff, he cannot explain it in human language that YOU would finally understand!
Leaving You frustrated And Wondering If You Will Ever Understand The IT Terminology...
But HOW are you supposed to learn what's the difference between all those programming languages and software frameworks?

And which one of them is used for the Backend or Frontend or Mobile app development?!
It's especially annoying if you are sending dozens of messages on LinkedIn every day but very few IT folks actually respond.
And even if they do, they are arrogant because you don't know "what's the difference between Java and JavaScript."
The IT World Is Confusing!
Anyway, the confusing programming languages and software frameworks are just the beginning.

Then, there are dozens of acronyms such as API, CMS, CSS, CDN, CI, CD, HTML, JSON, JSF, JSP, etc. etc...

And I'm not even mentioning how can you visit someone's GitHub profile and derive some meaningful value from the repositories and source code you find.

This may seem so far fetched and "Mission Impossible" if you've never worked as an IT professional.
However, at the end of the day, all you want is to fill in more IT vacancies, talk to IT candidates with confidence, read JDs and understand WHO is the hiring manager looking for... So that you can match their needs with your candidates.
Are you now wondering... "Is this even possible for me WITHOUT spending years working in the IT industry?"

My short answer is "YES, of course!"
Look, I've been working in IT for the last 15 years so I had a chance to notice some patters! Companies hired me:
  • As a software tester,
  • As a data warehouse consultant,
  • As a backend & frontend web developer,
  • As a lead developer,
  • And even as a CTO to manage dozens of IT professionals.

My name is Michal Juhas

and I help recruitment professionals understand the IT world and recruit more IT candidates, with confidence.

I’ve been a CTO in a fast-growing travel-tech company which allowed me to recruit and hire dozens of IT talents.
My name is Michal Juhas and I help recruitment consultants understand the IT world so they can recruit more IT candidates—and with confidence!

I’ve been a CTO in a fast-growing TravelTech company which allowed me to recruit and hire dozens of IT talents.
What you can see below is my last office filled with over 150 IT talents during a recent hackathon:
I used the opportunity to talk to many of them, sold them the idea that working for our company would be AWESOME and hired a few great IT talents as a result!

Then, I co-founded my recruitment agency called Geek Recruiters and had to onboard new colleagues and teach them how THEY can attract and match prospective IT candidates to IT vacancies.

Over time, hundreds of headhunters and recruitment consultants joined my seminars and webinars across different countries.
And recruitment agencies invite me to train their teams because their desire is "to become the best agency in town."
Over time, I've been blessed to train and upskill recruiters in great, international companies such as...
And during these seminars, I noticed lots of HR specialists and recruiters who transitioned from non-tech recruitment struggle with IT positions just because they don't understand the IT terminology.

They are often unfamiliar with IT roles such as a web developer, backend, frontend or fullstack developer, Java, C# mobile dev, ... data engineer, and many more.

And since I (unfortunately due to COVID-19!) cannot invite every single one of YOU to join my seminars such as this one on "Recruiting Frontend Developers..."
...I wrote a new book with additional training materials. The same content that has already helped hundreds of HR specialists and recruiters around the world is now included in this ONE simple, easy-to-read book.

It's never been easier to learn about IT roles, IT terminology, IT slang, and generally speak the same language with IT candidates… than it is right now!
Just imagine how many more software developers could you recruit if Only you Could Talk To Them With Confidence?
How much more in commissions could you earn if you could source and attract the right IT candidates and then match them with the right IT vacancies?

Don’t you want a guide, a mentor who would help you get to your next level in IT recruitment? 👋

The longer you wait, the higher the chance your clients will find IT talents elsewhere... or your ideal candidates will get recruited by another headhunter.

The "IT Talents" Book: Your Step-by-step Guide...

For Sourcing, Matching, And Recruiting IT Candidates With Confidence


Let Me Tell You Why It's So Popular...

What Is The "IT Talents" Book?

This is NOT another theoretical "recruitment" book.

This is NOT a technical book "just for geeks."

This is NOT a boring book with lots of veeery long lines.

IT Talents Is Your SHORTCUT

This is certainly not an academic book... but instead, it's your practical, hands-on shortcut to recruiting more IT talents.

This book IS about how everyone without prior IT experience can source, recruit, match, and attract IT candidates.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the low response of IT candidates... This is the book you’ve been looking for! 

Look Inside

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Money-Back Guarantee

Risk-free! If you don't like this book and additional training materials, just return it within 30 days by sending an email to support@geekrecruiters.com and we'll refund 100% of your payment.

When You Get This Proven Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Inside of the "IT Talents" book I'm sharing with you 17 secrets to help you thrive in IT recruitment and grow your company.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your copy of this new book: 

Section #1: Modern IT Recruitment

  • The Four Questions You Should Ask To Attract Your Most Desired IT Candidates!
  • The Key To Becoming A Partner To CTOs & Hiring Managers Which Very Few Recruiters Know About.
  • How To "Sell" Your Vacancies To Candidates So They Cannot Resist The Temptation To Submit Their CV.
  • The Six Software Developer Personas EVERY Recruiter In IT Should Know About!
  • Why Sending Hundreds Of Messages Or InMails To IT Professionals Only Leads To Frustration And Burnout In The Long Run.
  • The Seven Areas You MUST Include In Every Job Promotion.
  • The Key To Reaching Your Candidates Where They Are Already Hanging Out, Whenever You Want!
  • The Simple Video SCRIPT That Brings Excited IT Candidates To Your Doorstep.

Section #2: Essential IT Terminology

  • What Are The MUST-KNOW Acronyms Every Recruiter And HR Specialist Dealing With IT Job Descriptions Needs To Know!
  • What's The Easiest Way To Differentiate Java & JavaScript Web Developers.
  • The Secret Tactic That Helps To Recognize Software FRAMEWORKS That IT Professionals Use At Work!
  • The Difference Between Frontend And Backend Programming Languages And Most Popular Software Frameworks.
  • What Are The 52 Most Common IT Roles And How To Structure Them Into Just A Few Categories!

Section #3: IT Talent Acquisition

...In Practice!
  • How To Write ONE Compelling Sentence In A Job Ad That Will Be SO Intriguing To IT Talents They Couldn't Refuse Checking Your Job Description!
  • The Simple SCRIPT To Introduce Yourself As A Professional IT Recruitment Consultant With Added Credibility.
  • How To Mention The Most Important Aspects Of A Job Offer In Only Three Lines In The Social Media Posts!
  • The Detailed Breakdown Of My Ideal Job Ad That Got Me Leads In No-time And Allowed To Fill In A Vacancy In Only A Few Days!
  • ​Backend developer
  • ​Frontend developer
  • ​Fullstack developer
  • ​Web developer
  • ​Product owner
  • ​Scrum Master
  • ​CTO
  • ​VP of Engineering
  • ​Product manager
  • ​Project manager
  • ​Software tester
  • ​Database developer
  • ​Database admin
  • ​Business analyst
  • ​System analyst
  • ​CIO
  • ​IT support specialist
  • ​UX designer
  • ​UI designer
  • ...and many more!

This Book Will Guide You Step-by-Step...

Like Hundreds Of Other Recruiters Who Have Struggled To Fill IT Positions

Maybe you've noticed that IT professionals can quickly recognize whether you know anything about the IT role and technologies mentioned in a job description...

And they naturally prefer interacting with HR specialists who can answer basic questions!

But don't worry, I've got you covered!

I've been training recruiters and HR specialists to handle IT roles... and now bundled the materials into this SUPER-COOL SPECIAL OFFER:


"Headhunt More IT Talents: Your Step-by-step Guide For Sourcing, Matching, And Recruiting IT Candidates With Confidence"

Total Value €24.95

  • Get immediate access – download a PDF file that you can print or read on your favorite device (desktop, smart phone, or Kindle).



"IT Roles Explained In Human Language For HR Specialists"

Total Value €44.95

  • Get immediate access to my new video course.
  • 18 IT roles explained in a human language.
  • Unlimited access for the next 12 months in our member-only area.



"How To Thrive As A Headhunter While Focusing On IT Roles"

Total Value €39.95

  • Web class on how to thrive, get high-paying clients, and attract more software developers.
  • Unlimited access.
  • ​Worksheets, courseware included.



"IT Roles For HR & Recruiters"

An exercise with a blind map to help you structure IT talents into standard IT roles.


  • A high-quality, colorful mind map in a downloadable PDF.
  • ​Correct answers included.
  • Detailed mind map with all IT roles.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase with confidence... it's risk-free!
If you don't like the ebook or if you don't see any positive change in how you recruit IT talents or if you are unhappy for any other reason, get your money back. Just send an email to support@geekrecruiters.com and my colleagues will refund your payment. No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The Ebook "IT Talents"  Today

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 Web Class "Thrive As A Tech Recruiter"

(€39.95 Value)

 IT Roles For Recruiters


Total Value €110.85

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What Recruiters And Their Managers Say

"It's fantastic that I found you! I learned a lot about how to recruit in IT. It's pleasure to learn about the new technologies, frameworks, and libraries software developers use."

–Adelina Tirziu, Brains Consulting, Romania
"This has been an amazing help. Now I read IT resumes with fascination and when I speak to technical people, I am not afraid and only interested."

–Alexander Laurin, Recruiter, Canada
"Very nice content for those starting their tech recruitment career journey!"

—Alan Pozo, Global Tech Recruiter
"Very helpful, I love that someone is finally explaining IT from a recruiter's point of view! It like the analogies with real-life situations, it makes it very easy to comprehend for us non-developers as well."

—Frida, Recruiter
"I love how the training was concise, clear and simple. Great Job. Great insights to help me manage developers and network engineers."

—Richard Obi, Head Of Outsourcing Services
"Really helpful for even seasoned tech recruiters!"

—Angie Xie, Senior TA Executive, Sony, Singapore

Where Can I Send You The Ebook?

I'd like you to read this book ASAP so you can start seeing the results like many of you before... Get the ebook PDF now!

This Is Popular Among HR Specialists

Recruiter's I've trained loved my training material during the webinars and seminars. Get my ebook with BONUSES before the countdown above hits zero.

Szilvia says...

Szilvia says...

"All of the roles I met and struggled with last year were covered. Now I feel I have an overall picture about these IT roles and I will be able to ask relevant questions from both candidates and hiring managers." –Szilvia Blasko, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Luis says...

Luis says...

"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)
"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Marat says...

Marat says...

"We've been with you for over four weeks and we're very satisfied because I see the progress on my recruiters' side and I also learnt a lot myself. Having someone from the industry explain the terminology is the best solution." –Marat Yakupov, CEO, Berlin (Germany)

This Is A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before It Expires...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!

Michal Juhas

P.S.: In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm sending you a digital version of my new book, "IT Talents - Headhunter's Playbook For Finding, Matching, And Recruiting IT Candidates" with additional bonuses and a HUGE discount. In total you get €110.85 in value for only €12.95.

If fact, if you don't like the book - I'll even refund your payment if you let our support know within 30 days.

So, just click the button below to get your digital copy now.

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